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131 ADHD Pro Tips from the ADHD Community

Have you ever wished that someone would cut through all of the mountains of literature out there and just compile an exhaustive list of tips and strategies that work for real live people? And that you could skip all of the background reading, history, and psychology of why it helps? Well, you're in luck.

While context is important, and understanding why something works will ultimately make it a more powerful tool, it can be nice to have a big list of ideas too.

Reddit user beatadhd compiled and categorized a list of over 130 tips and recommendations from the ADHD community. The original thread was in response to a call for "life-changing" strategies that made a significant difference in managing and living with ADHD.

The categories include everything from emotional dysregulation and time blindness, to sleep and relationships. The tips themselves range from more complex practices, such as habit-chaining, to simple steps like leaving everything you need for work the next day by the door.

The nice thing about this list is that it's straightforward and most of the ideas cost nothing to execute. And, while it's certainly not exhaustive, there is the added bonus that each of these ideas came from someone living with ADHD. Whether you're new to the ADHD community or a seasoned veteran with the piles of books to prove it, it's worth a look.

So, enjoy! Let me know if there were any that stood out to you or if there are some that you think really ought to be on there as well.

Link to 131 ADHD Pro Tips here.

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